Disability compensation among Vietnam-era veterans associated with declines in hospitalizations

365下载和普罗维登斯V.A. 医疗中心 shows that disability compensation payments have a positive impact on veterans’ health.

普罗维登斯,R.I. [365下载] — A large 研究 comparing Vietnam War-era military veterans who became eligible for disability compensation with ineligible veterans found that eligibility for compensation was associated with substantial reductions in hospitalizations — an important metric of overall health.

符合条件的退伍军人获得伤残补助的时间越长, 这一组的住院率下降得更厉害, 研究人员发现. 的 研究该研究发表在《btc365下载》上,包括70471名越战老兵.

“的 takeaway is that there may be very important health benefits to receiving disability compensation,作者博士说。. 阿玛尔Trivedi, 健康服务的教授, 政策和实践以及医学方面的研究.

的 potential cost savings as a result of fewer hospitalizations should be considered in future changes to the federal Veterans Affairs disability compensation program, 他补充说. In 2020, more than 5 million veterans received a total of $91 billion in compensation for disabling conditions related to military service. 的 payments apply to individuals with lower socioeconomic status and worse health than the general population, 而且通常会一直到收信人去世.

因为残疾补偿项目的结构, Trivedi说, 它可能会对退伍军人的健康产生重要影响,这是合乎情理的, especially considering the robust evidence of the association between income and health. 然而, there has been little research previously on the association between disability compensation and veteran’s health.

V的变化.A. disability policy in 2001 provided Trivedi and his research team the opportunity to examine the association between eligibility for disability compensation with mortality and hospitalizations 在退伍军人 with diabetes. 这项研究合并了退伍军人健康管理局的数据, 退伍军人福利协会, 医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心, 以及越南战争时期的军事记录. Most of the people in the 研究 were male veterans with a diagnosis of diabetes and performed military service between 1961 and 1975.

的 researchers examined changes in health outcomes for veterans in three equal periods: 2001 to 2006, 2007 to 2012, 2013年到2018年. 的y noted that annual disability compensation increased over these three time periods — compared to the non-eligible veterans, 符合条件的退伍军人获得8美元,025, $14,412年,17美元,在这三个时期又有162人获得了福利, 分别.

的ir analysis of the data found that 在退伍军人 concurrently enrolled in Medicare, eligibility for disability compensation was associated with substantial reductions in hospitalizations: a 10% decline in the first period; a 13% decline in the second period; and a 21% in the third period. 的 研究 found no association between eligibility for disability for compensation and lower mortality.

这项研究没有调查这种健康影响的原因. 然而, Trivedi说 that in his position as a physician at the 普罗维登斯 Veterans Affairs 医疗中心, he has seen firsthand how challenges related to poverty or income instability can affect a patient’s health.

“可靠的收入来源可能是拥有稳定住房的区别, 或者有规律地进食, 或者能负担得起处方药,”他说. “只要能买得起这些东西,人们就可以不用去医院.”

的 substantial rise in the costs of the veterans disability compensation program has led some policymakers to suggest ways to reduce the amount of payments, Trivedi说.

“A major implication of our 研究 is that we offer evidence that disability payments may reduce acute cure hospitalizations, 在退伍军人, 尤其是那些由医疗保险资助的,”他说. 这不仅有利于退伍军人的健康,而且在经济上也有意义. “So disability compensation may yield important reductions in public spending on medical care.”

Trivedi added that this empirical evidence isn’t meant to justify disability compensation. “这些款项是btc365下载国家对残疾退伍军人义务的一部分, 几百年来一直如此,”他说. “What we’re trying to do is better understand the impacts of these payments for veterans.”

In addition to his roles at Brown’s 公共卫生学院 and 365下载医学院, Trivedi is affiliated with the Center of Innovation in Long-term Services and Supports for Vulnerable Veterans at the 普罗维登斯 V.A. 医疗中心. 该研究的合著者来自V.A. Bedford Healthcare System; the University of Massachusetts, Lowell; Sai University in Chennai, India; and the United States Military Academy.

这项研究得到了V.A. 卫生服务研究与发展优异奖(IIR 17-192).